Interview with Jessie Coulson - Photographer

Interview with Jessie Coulson - Photographer


Jessie is a talented photographer, who takes brilliant product shots of our subscription boxes. Alongside product shots Jessie takes beautiful photos of newborns and clever lifestyle shots. Jessie is great at capturing sharp interesting images that help to tell the story. Follow Jessie on instagram or take a peek here at her fabulous website. As part of our new blog series on creativity Jessie kindly shared with us her secrets for staying creative and tips for sparking her children’s curiosity.

What does creativity mean to you?

Creativity to me, means relaxation. I love drawing and experimenting with different things. For me its important to help me destress and it’s something I can do with the kids, you can never be bored using your imagination and creating.

ollie nana painting.jpg

What inspires you?

Many things inspire me , my kids (they have amazing imaginations ) books, recycling, nature, artists and Pintrest.

ollies desk in his room.jpg

How are you creative in your job?

In my job as a photographer I am creative by using different angles and with the use of light both natural and artificial. I try to be creative by capturing things people wouldn’t necessarily think about capturing and by using different camera settings and lenses in order to capture images to document and to tell a story.


ollie 18months paint.jpg

How do you encourage your kids to be creative?

As babies, all of my boys had messy paint play, where i have given them paper or canvas’ to smear paint round I’ve also use left over pieces of paper from my work backdrops which i’ve laid on the floor and let them crawl around in paint, great fun and straight in the bath afterwards!

I now mainly encourage my eldest 2 boys by receiving your fabulous Make + Wonder art boxes each month they give them creative ideas to explore which they can choose to follow or put their own spin on them. As i’ve always loved creating, or house is always and will always have paper, paint, glue etc and the boys have their own little art area where they can just help themselves to paper and bits and bobs and just go for it.

How do you encourage your kids to be creative? we would love to hear about your tips and ideas

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