Each Art club Box introduces your children aged three to 10 years to a new female artist. You will make four art projects as well as learning about the artist's approach. Sign up today to provide a creative experience that you can explore together.

  • Single Art Box

    4 cool idea cards. Illustrated artist story.Enough curated art materials for one child to create and make.


  • Sibling Art Box

    4 idea cards. Illustrated artist story. Enough curated art materials for two children to share.


  • Triple Art Box

    4 idea cards. Illustrated artist story. Enough curated art materials for three children to share.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I subscribe?
It’s easy to subscribe, just choose the box size, and follow the instructions. Each month we create an art box with creative activities, we pack it and post it to you. Boxes are shipped around the 5th each month. You can also buy one-off boxes from our shop.

What box will i will receive?
Each Month we feature a Female Artist.  We share the next artist with you on email, instagram and Facebook each month.

How much does a subscription cost?
A box costs from £15.50 per month and sibling box from £18.50 a month (depending on your subscription length). You can also buy individual boxes.

What is the difference between an art box and a sibling art box?
The standard art box contains activity cards and art materials for one child. The sibling box contains enough art material for two children and one set of cards. The triple box with enough art materials for 3 children and one set of 3 cards. Not all art material is duplicated in the sibling and triple box, children will have to share some materials.

What kind of materials will you send me?

Check out our past boxes in the shop to see what kind of materials we have sent out

When is the payment taken?
Payment is taken on the day you subscribe and subsequent payments are then taken on the the 11th the following month. If you subscribe after the 1st and choose the current box, an additional payment will be taken on the 30th of that month.

Can I buy past boxes or individual boxes?
Yes, You can buy individual boxes from our shop and you can also buy past months boxes in our shop.

Can I skip a month?
Yes you can skip a month. You will need to log in to your account. To skip the following month you need to cancel before the your payment is taken for that month.

How do I cancel?
You can cancel at anytime. You will need to log in to your account. To cancel the following month you need to cancel before the your payment is taken for that month.
When will I get my first art box?
If you sign up before the end of the month, your box ships on the 6th the following month. So if you sign up on the 20th March your first box will ship on the 6th April and If you sign on the 3rd April, your first box will will ship on the 6th May. Sometimes we have boxes left and we can send you the current months box (you can choose at the checkout).

  • 1. Curiosity

    Being curious fuels your imagination and is central to learning new things. If you are curious you are motivated to learn. Process art activities encourage children to explore and tinker which promotes curiosity. Activities are designed to appeal to children with different learning styles and schemas, so everyone will want to explore. We carefully select unusual and unique curated art materials to spark your children’s imagination and encourage a frenzy of exploration.

  • 2. Growth Mindset

    Children with a growth mindset as opposed to a fixed mindset are more likely to persevere and try new things. The activities encourage children to celebrate mistakes and persevere. The stories of inspirational role models share the story of their journey and efforts, the mistakes made and learning that led to them where they are now. This helps children to understand that intelligence isn’t fixed and empowers them to be strong.

  • 3. Mindfulness

    Process art activities help children to relax and be in the moment ( mindful) When children are deeply engaged in activities it supports them to focus on the playing and exploring, so their breathing naturally relaxes.

  • 4. Confidence

    When children are given open-ended resources in an invitation to play, it supports their confidence. They become more involved in the exploring process as they set their own goals, solve problems and celebrate mistakes. The prompts in our activity cards support adults to gently guide children.

  • 5. Literacy

    Our activity cards, come with questions to extend children’s talk Ideas or thoughtful questions to encourage children to talk about their process and how they solve problems.

  • 6. Learning through play

    Our art ideas encourage children to play with carefully selected resources that naturally teach children about all areas of the curriculum. Open-ended play promotes problem-solving skills. Children will learn mathematical language and solve number problems. Learn about the natural world, properties of materials and changes that happen. Art techniques, exploring colour and mixing media. Learn the stories of inspirational artists and much more.