How to support children's growth mindset through play View fullsize

How to support children's growth mindset through play View fullsize

Do you have loads of creative resources -that your children don't use? An idea that originates in Reggio Emilia, Italy is to create "invitations to play". These are provocations that invite children to play or create.  Children arrive at Nursery to find, fish & nets in the water tray, dinosaurs and branches in the sand, cake cases, dough and candles at the dough table. 

Creative invitations are a combination of materials that intrigue children with a suggestion to play. While the materials may imply something, the outcome is always open-ended. This supports their growth mindset, as there are no mistakes to make and children will feel positive and happy.  Children make decisions, problem solve and develop their critical thinking skills. How can we create these at home? Here are some ideas that I use to create invitations at Nursery and at home for my own chidlren.

  • Make sure the arrangement is orderly and attractive

  • Group things together, use jars, tins, baskets, boxes, trays to organise materials

  • Lazy Susan's & mirrors provide a different way to display

  • Avoid too much clutter, keep it simple

  • Group things together that compliment each other e.g clay and sticks

  • It could be as simple as moving materials to a different room, or into a basket, into a tent, in the garden

  • Make it beautiful, use wooden bowls, containers, and a tablecloth

Have fun exploring and creating 


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